New Arrivals: June 2012

The Modoc County Library has added the following new titles to its Collection.  Check it out!  


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NEW TITLES:  June 2012

[(**) Donation; (&&) Gift from Friends of the Modoc County Library; (XX) Gift; (##) Memorial donation; ($$) North State Cooperative Library System gift]    


Luanne Rice: The perfect summer. (**)



Clifton Adams: The desperado.

Jackson Cole: Riders of the Rimrock Trail.

William W. Johnstone: Crusade of eagles.

Suzanne Lyon: A heart for any fate. 



Linwood Barclay: The accident. (**) 

T. Davis Bunn: The amber Room. (Book 2) (**)

T. Davis Bun: Florian’s Gate. (Book 1) (**) 

T. Davis Bunn: Winter Palace. (Book 3) (**) 

Dan Fesperman: The warlord’s son. (**)

Gregg Hurwitz: The program. (**)

Christian Jungersen: The exception. (**)

Donald McCaig: Rhett Butler’s people. (**)

Dudley Pope: Ramage’s prize. (The Lord Ramage novels – No. 5) (**)

James Rollins: The devil colony. (A Sigma Force novel) (**)



Ace Atkins: Dark end of the street. (**)

J. A. Jance: Betrayal of trust. (A J. P. Beaumont novel) (**)

Jane Langton: The Dante game. (A Homer Kelly mystery) (**)



 Gail Caldwell: Let’s take the long way home: A memoir of friendship) (158.25 Caldwell) (**)

John Henry Clippinger: A crowd of one: The future of individual identity. (302.5 Clippinger) (**)

Carolyn Jessop: Escape. (920 JESSOP Jessop) (**)

Chalmers Johnson: The sorrows of empire: Militarism, secrecy, and the end of the Republic. (355.0213 Johnson) (**)

­James D. Hornfischer: The last stand of the tin can sailors: The extraordinary World War II story of the US Navy's finest hour. (940.5425 Hornfischer) (**) 

Karl Marlantes: What it is like to go to war. (959.70434 Marlantes) (**)

Carter Niemeyer: Wolfer: A memoir. (639.97 Niemeyer)

Douglas Rogers: The last resort: A memoir of Zimbabwe. (968.9105 Rogers) (**)



Pocket Directory of the California legislature, 2012. (Ref 328 Pocket)

Charles Edward Sherman: How to solve divorce problems in California in 2012. (Ref 346 Sherman)

U. S. Congress directory, 2012. (Ref 328.73 United)



L. J. Smith: Nigh world. (Vol. 1) (**)

Cynthia Voigt: On fortune’s wheel. (**) 



Ben M. Baglio: Foals in the fields. (Animal Ark -- #24) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Horse in the house. (Animal Ark -- #26) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Mare in the meadow. (Animal Ark -- #31) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Ponies at the point. (Animal Ark -- #10) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Pony in a package. (Animal Ark -- #27) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Racehorse in the rain. (Animal Ark -- #39) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Shetland in the shed. (Animal Ark -- #20) (**)

Ben M. Baglio: Stallion in spooky Hollow. (Animal Ark -- #53) (**)

Jeanne Betancourt: Pony-4-sale. (Pony Pals -- #30) (**)

Peter Clover: The big wish. (**)

Peter Clover: Sheltie and the stray. (**)

Peter Clover: Sheltie races on. (**)

Peter Clover: Sheltie saves the day! (**)

Peter Clover: Sheltie the hero. (**)

Peter Clover: Sheltie the Shetland pony. (**)

Jenny Dale: Willow the wild pony. (Jenny Dale's pony tales) (**)

Fran Hodgkins: Amazing eggs. (ER 573.68 Hodgkins) (**)

Tessa Krailing: My first pony. (**)

Edward Marshall: Fox all week. (**)



The 2012 World Book year book: A review of the events of 2011 : the annual supplement to the World Book encyclopedia. (Ref J 030 World)



At close range. (Sean Penn & Christopher Walken) (DVD Drama At) (**)

The a-team. (Bradley Cooper & Gerald McRaney) (DVD ActionAdv A) (**)

Bad day at Black Rock. (Spencer Tracy & Robert Ryan) (DVD Drama Bad) (**)

Bad Lieutenant. (Nicolas Cage & Eva Mendes) (DVD ActionAdv Bad) (**)

Big. (Tom Hanks) (DVD Comedy Big) (**)

Blow. (Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz. (DVD Drama Blow) (**)

Brigham City. (Richard Dutcher & Matthew A. Brown) (DVD MysSusp Brigham) (**)

Bug. (Ashley Judd & Michael Shannon) (DVD Horror Bug) (**)

Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (Peter Sellers & Terry-Thomas) (Peter Sellers Collection) (DVD Comedy Carlton) (**) 

Cats & Dogs. (Jeff Goldblum & Elizabeth Perkins) (DVD J Fic Cats) (**)

Children on their birthdays. (Sheryl Lee Diamond & Christopher McDonald) (DVD Drama Children) (**) 

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. (Georgie Henley & Skandar Keynes) (DVD J Fic Chronicles) (**)

Coco avant Chanel. (Audrey Tautou & Benoit Poelvoorde) (DVD Foreign French Coco) (**)

Emma. (Gwyneth Paltrow) (DVD Drama Emma) (**)

Escape from Alcatraz. (Clint Eastwood) (DVD Drama Escape) (**)

Fast & Furious. (Vin Diesel & Paul Walker) (DVD ActionAdv Fast) (**)

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. (Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint) (DVD YA Fic Harry) (**)

He-Man and the masters of the universe.­ (Vol. 1­) (**)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.­ (Vol. 2) (**)

Heavens above! (Peter Sellers & Cecil Parker) (Peter Sellers Collection) (DVD Comedy Heavens) (**)

Hoffman. (Peter Sellers & Sinead Cusack) (Peter Sellers Collection) (DVD Comedy Hoffman) (**)

Horror movie classics. (DVD Horror Horror) (**)

The ides of March. (Ryan Gosling & George Clooney) (DVD Drama Ides) (**)

I’m all right Jack. (Peter Sellers & Ian Carmichael) (Peter Sellers Collection) (DVD Comedy I) (**)

Inglorious basterds. (Brad Pitt) (DVD Drama Inglorious) (**)

Invictus. (DVD Drama Invictus) (Morgan Freeman & Matt Damon) (**)

The Modoc War. (DVD MOD 979.4 Modoc)

The seekers. (Alexander Ludwig & Christopher Eccleston) (DVD YA Fic Seeker) (**)

The smallest show on earth. (Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers & Peter Sellers) (Peter Sellers Collection) (DVD Comedy Smallest) (**)

The sum of all fears. (Ben Affleck & Morgan Freeman) (DVD ActionAdv Sum) (**)

Trapped. (Kevin Bacon & Charlize Theron) (DVD Drama Trapped) (**)

Two-way stretch. (Peter Sellers & Wilfred Hyde-White) (Peter Sellers Collection) (DVD Comedy Two) (**)


Patricia Cornwell: Red mist. (A Scarpetta novel) (TLKB CD Mys Cornwell) (**)

John Grogan: The longest trip home: A memoir. (TLKB CD 070.92 Grogan) (**)

Dean Koontz: Brother odd. (TLKB CD Fic Koontz) (**)

Stephen King: Full dark, no stars. (TLKB CD Fic King) (**)