New Arrivals: July 2012

The Modoc County Library has added the following new titles to its Collection.  Check it out!  

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NEW TITLES:  July 2012

[(**) Donation; (&&) Gift from Friends of the Modoc County Library; (XX) Gift; (##) Memorial donation; ($$) North State Cooperative Library System gift]    


Poppy Adams: The sister. (**)


Ellyn Bache: The art of saying goodbye. (**)

Tilly Bagshawe: Sidney Sheldon’s after the darkness. (**) 

George Bishop: Letter to my daughter. (**)

Terri Blackstock: Night light. (A Restoration novel) (**)

Paul Block: Armor of God. (**)

Paul Block: The Masada Scroll. (**)

Deborah Cloyed: The summer we came to life. (**)

Stephen Coonts: Deep black: Death wave. (**)

Catherine Coulter: Calypso magic. (**)

Clive Cussler: The thief. (An Isaac Bell adventure) (**)

Martin Fletcher: The list. (**)

Ariana Franklin: Mistress of the art of death. (**)

Dalton Fury: Black site. (A Delta Force novel) (**)

Alison Gaylin: And she was. (**)

Heather Graham: Haunted. (**)

Heather Graham: The killing edge. (**)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter. (**)

W. E. B. Griffin: Covert warriors. (A Presidential Agent novel) (**)

Megan Hart: Precious and fragile things. (**)

Elin Hilderbrand: Nantucket nights. (**)

Graham Joyce: The facts of life. (**)

Debbie Macomber: Out of the rain. (**)

Gregory Maguire: Mirror mirror. (**)

Oliver North: The assassins. (**)

Oliver North: The Jericho sanction. (**)

Brad Taylor: All necessary force. (**)

S. J. Watson: Before I go to sleep. (**)

Lori Wilde: The cowboy takes a bride. (**)


Mary Higgins Clark: The lost years. (**)

Lisa Gardner: The other daughter. (**)

Carolyn Haines: Bones of a feather. (A Sarah Booth Delaney mystery) (**)

Faye Kellerman: Gun games. (A Decker/Lazarus novel) (**)

William Landay: Defending Jacob. (**)

Thomas Perry: Poison flower. (A Jane Whitefield novel) (**)

Kelli Stanley: City of dragons. (**)


Sigmund Brouwer: Silver moon. (**)


Todd McCaffrey: Dragongirl. (Dragonriders of Pern) (**)

S. M. Stirling: The High King of Montival. (A novel of the Change) (**)


John B. Alexander: UFOs: Myths, conspiracies, and realities. (001.942 Alexander) (**)

Susan M. Banker: Crafting with 4 supplies: Make it simple. (745.5 Banker) (**)

Louann Brizendine: The male brain. (612.8 Brizendine) (**)

Jerome R. Corsi: The Obama nation: Leftist politics and the cult of personality. (328.73 Corsi) (**)

Gwen Diehn: The decorated page: Journals, scrapbooks & albums made simply beautiful. (745.593 Diehn) (**)

Nicholas H. Dodman: If only they could speak: Stores about pets and their people. (636.7 Dodman) (**)

Lawrence Durrell: Bitter lemons. (956.9303 Durrell) (**)

Peter Eisner: The freedom line: The brave men and women who rescued Allied pilots from the Nazis during World War II. (940.53 Eisner) (**)

Horror: Another 100 best books. (808.83 Horror) (**)

Annie Jacobsen: Area 51: An uncensored history of America’s top secret military base. (358.417 Jacobsen) (**)

Walter Isaacson: Steve Jobs. (338.761 Isaacson) (**)

Ashley Judd: All that is bitter & sweet. (920 JUDD Judd) (**)

Michael Lewis: The big short: Inside the doomsday machine. (330.973 Lewis) (**)

Loretta Lynn: Still woman enough: A memoir. (920 LYNN Lynn) (**)

The Mammoth book of the best of best new horror: A twenty-year celebration. (808.83 Mammoth) (**)

Rocco Mediate: Are you kidding me?: The story of Rocco Mediate's extraordinary battle with Tiger Woods at the U.S. Open. (796.352 Mediate) (**)

Oliver North: War stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom. (956.70443 North) (**)

Steven Raichlen: Beer-can chicken: And 74 other offbeat recipes for the grill. (641.5784 Raichlen) (**)

Anne Rule: In the still of the night: The strange death of Ronda Reynolds and her mother's unceasing quest for the truth. (364.152 Rule) (**)

Michael Savage: Trickle down tyranny: Crushing Obama's dream of the socialist states of America. (320.52 Savage) (**)

Katy Sprinkel: Elizabeth Taylor: The life of a Hollywood legend. (920 TAYLOR Sprinkel) (**)

David Teeter: Where the big trees tell: Logging camp memories. (Mod 979.4 Teeter) (**)


She walks in beauty: A woman’s journey through poems. (808.81 She) (**)

Joseph Voth: Living with noise. (811.6 Voth) (XX)


Peterson’s four-year colleges, 2013. (Ref 378 Peterson)


John Flanagan: The lost stories. (Ranger's apprentice --Book 11) (**)

John Flanagan: The outcasts. (The Brotherband chronicles -- Book 1) (**)


Lauren Brooke: All or nothing. (Chestnut Hill – Vol. 6) (**)

Lauren Brooke: Heart of gold. (Chestnut Hill – Vol. 3) (**)

Lauren Brooke: Playing for keeps. (Chestnut Hill – Vol. 4) (**)


Broken trail. (Robert Duvall & Thomas Haden Church) (DVD Western Trail) (**)

The deer hunter. (Robert De Niro & John Cazale) (DVD Drama Deer) (**)

Kick-ass. (Aaron Johnson & Christopher Mintz-Plasse) (DVD ActionAdv Kick) (**)

Minority report. (Tom Cruise & Colin Farrell) (DVD SF Minority) (**)

Play dirty. (Michael Caine & Nigel Davenport) (DVD Drama Play) (**)

Secondhand lions. (Robert Duvall & Michael Caine) (DVD Drama Secondhand) (**)

Silent trigger. (Dolph Lundgren & Gina Bellman) (DVD ActionAdv Silent) (**)


Michael Connelly: The Lincoln lawyer. (TLKB CD Mys Connelly) (**)